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"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there"


About Tarance Gaines

I am a 1972  graduate of Florida A & M University, where I received a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with double minors in Business and Corrections. 

Since retiring I am a volunteer with a nonprofit STEM tech (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)  organization in Melbourne fl, where we expose youth to STEM related actives to promote awareness of career opportunities in these fields. 


Since many of the parents of the youth are either unemployed or under employed, when possible I structure assist with job fining searches by writing


Sociologist/ Youth Volunteer



designed to help them find better paying jobs.


My observations are, parents  struggling to find a job and those who are underemployed have poorly written resumes that do not catch the attention of application tracking software; and the parent fortunate enough to secure an interview, do not interview well enough to interest employers who pay more. 


The profitable careers Workshop with Kit provides access to online tips and information designed to systematically prepare youth for life after high school and young adults who graduated from high school with no clear direction to find clarity and focus on better paying career opportunities for which they are not aware of. 




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